These are the programs we run.

audit series

The Audit Series helps you understand how well aligned your organisation is to meet your strategic vision?

  • Mystery Shopping System
  • Behavioural Audit
  • Systems Audit
  • Symbols Audit

planning series

The Planning Series optimises your organisational change pathway by using entrayne’s exclusive Pathway of Influence program to move from Current State to Future State. We believe pace, momentum and focus are essential for effective change.

  • Mapping Pathway of Influence
  • Present State Culture Mapping
  • Future State Culture Mapping

capability series

Capability is the most effective way to achieve competitive advantage for your organisation. Let us help you plan the most effective program.

  • Executive Development
    • Leadership Training
    • Speakers Bureau
  • Negotiation Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Culture Team Upskilling

communication series

To “Change at the pace of the 21stC” we use the latest braintraining research and techniques and the latest technology. Contact us for the complete details of our program.

  • Viral Communication
  • Symbol Alignment
  • Message Management
  • Meeting Facilitation

systems series

The Systems Series will ensure your systems and processes reinforce the required patterns of behaviour. Often these systems are from the past and carry messages that are no longer wanted in our companies. Our systems audits and redesigns will ensure alignment with your Future State Culture.

  • Systems Audit and Redesign including
    • Performance Management Effectiveness
    • Recruitment Alignment
    • Planning and Budgeting Alignment
    • Succession and Talent Management Alignment
    • OHS/HR Compliance System Alignment

embedding series

The Embedding Series ensures that your behaviour training, systems updates and symbol realignment are embedded deeply in your organisation. This is done with minimum cost and disruption through the utilisation of Business As Usual processes.

  • e-learning updates
  • mentoring
  • re-learning
  • alumni construction
  • resource library