Who we are.

Key Entrayne People

Founded by [Janine Bushby], a global expert in organisational architecture and reformation, Entrayne’s people have extensive management and consulting experience. Like most things in life thus, there’s a balance to be find. Whilst engaging one’s customer base, we also need to assure that we stay in charge of our businesses. Feedback is great, but as business owners, the final decision is always ours.

Experience and expertise

Entrayne is a global consultancy, providing culture change programs, executive development and symbol and systems alignment in major corporations since 2003. Entrayne works with top teams and senior management as a trusted advisor, coach or mentor. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Janine Bushby

Entrayne An experienced senior executive, in both the public and private sectors, Janine has worked globally in the disciplines of negotiation and organisational change for the past twenty years. In addition, she has been a Senior Advisor to government in Education.

Janine’s strength is in rapid alignment of an organisation to its strategic imperatives. Working to delineate objectives and using tools to increase the speed of commitment, Janine has been instrumental in fast turnarounds in business outcomes.

Janine is an extraordinary teacher and is considered an expert in global leadership and strategic HR development. Her expertise is in working with large to medium sized organisations to align culture drivers to strategy, through culture redesign, targeted leadership interventions, HR development programs and systems and symbols alignment.

She has extensive experience coaching teams, executives and identified talent to make the “invisible visible”; that is, setting standards, respectfully calling outlier behaviour and conducting difficult dialogues. Janine also works extensively mentoring women in senior leadership positions.

Janine is an experienced senior negotiator, working internationally in establishing negotiation strategy, as well as, training teams and individuals. Janine has done work with organisations such as:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • BHP Billiton
  • Westfield
  • Amcor
  • AXA
  • Microsoft
  • Pao de Azucar Brazil

Janine holds formal qualifications in:
Master Business Administration
Graduate Diploma of Linguistics
Bachelor of Arts
Diploma of Education
Gestalt Counselling

Janine is experienced with the Human Synergistic suite of products

as well as Myers Briggs Assessments.