Executive Team Coaching

Challenge your team’s existing paradigm through facilitated sessions.

Executive Team Coaching

Do you have a team of stars that cannot perform as a star team? Executive Team Coaching makes the invisible, visible.

Coaching one on one works to enhance the potential of each individual and to eradicate any career limiting behaviours. This new consciousness and optimised behaviours are tested outside the coaching cocoon and are most tested with our peers and senior leaders. It is when we form teams with these groups that our voice may be silenced or our aggression may surface despite the coaching.

  • Who in your team pushes your buttons?
  • Who talks over everyone else?
  • Who puts other’s down in front of the team to silence them?
  • Why do some of your star performers, perform so poorly in the team environment?
  • Who remains silent and submissive?

Executive Team Coaching sits optimally alongside Individual Coaching to provide a step-change in the performance of your team. An experienced Coach can point out their observations of what is said, how it is said, body language messages and more importantly evoke the ‘elephant in the room’ by voicing what is not said or where teams are out of alignment with their stated behavioural or organisational goals.

Over time, there is a lot unsaid in teams. Some have tried to voice their issues, failed and never tried again, others came later and made assumptions about the cultural norms of the team that keep issues unstated. An Executive Team Coach is essential to allow issues to be raised in a team with the respect and honesty that only an experienced outsider can bring.

Case Study

Janine has worked with a successful publicly listed company, coaching the CEO, each Leadership Team Member and the Executive Team collectively. This company has moved up the Consumer Confidence Index as their Leadership Bench Strength has gained a more prominent external image. In addition, the company has increased in value as the Executive Leadership Team has worked more effectively and efficiently together.

Executive Team Constellations

A Constellation is a physical process used to surface issues in teams. An experienced facilitator is necessary to work through this process and to debrief team members appropriately. Starting more usually with the CEO or Team Lead, people are physically placed in the “Constellation” according to an understanding of where they belong.

  • Who is next to the CEO?
  • Which way are they facing, toward their vision or away from it?
  • How far apart are the next people in the team? Which way are they facing?
  • Who is on the outer? Why?

These questions and others, allow the group to SEE the group dynamic and to discuss different assumptions and understandings of how each of the team members is viewed by others. It allows team members to safely ‘speak their truth’ and for others to see their perspective building better team dynamics and process.