Coaching Mastery

Learn about neuro-leadership and become a Master Coach for your organisation.

Manager as Coach Program

Management in the Twenty First Century is more relational and less didactic. The Manager as Coach Program provides the tools and techniques needed for Managers to switch from directing to enabling their Team Members.

Coaching puts the responsibility for action onto the Team Member while supporting them with their problem solving. It is designed to make a step-change in performance.

We discusses the difference between Management and Coaching and the appropriate times to utilise each approach. This program can be tailored to suit the experience of the cohort selected for the workshop.

Master Coach Program

This program is designed for companies or individuals who are after a professional learning workshop in Coaching for specific individuals in their workplace. This program builds on the Manager as Coach Program, providing more specialist knowledge of the profession of Coach.

It explores different models of coaching, the coaching relationship and the mindset of each Coach that allows for successful or more limited outcomes.

Participants in this program will need to work toward achieving the outcomes of this course over 12 months. There will be workshops, assignments and practical observations conducted as part of this course.