Women’s Executive Coaching

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Women’s Executive Coaching

Entrayne’s specialisation is in the coaching of Executive Senior Women. Despite the experience of many who do not see difference and discrimination in their workplaces, the figures world-wide show that women are not yet equal in the eyes of most employers.

The Glass Ceiling for the majority of women is still there and it becomes more impervious the more senior the role, with very few female CEO’s or Board Chairmen.

The challenge for women is to be seen as competent without being aggressive, collaborative without being passive and dedicated to the role without being judged for family commitments. A heavy load indeed!

Our gender is part of our attributes as a woman, and whether we admit to it or not, if we are female we will experience the preconceived stereotypes attributed to our kind, as do men. We can choose to ignore them or use them to our advantage.

entrayne works with each Executive Women to scope out their Aspirations for success. Goals are then determined and priorities established prior to putting the Action Plan in place. An interim and final Review and Feedback session is conducted to establish if outcomes have been met.

Salary Negotiations

One of entrayne’s specialiations is to work with Executive Women on negotiations, often salary negotiations. This often falls outside of many corporate engagements due to the personal nature of the issue.

Case Study

Janine Bushby has worked in the area of negotiations for decades and has enabled many women to execute favourable contracts with her advice and training. Janine has recently advised a Senior Executive women resulting in a 6% increase in salary during a period of salary freeze alongside a change of title which was more reflective of her status in the organisation.